MoC is working daily to facilitate import of medical supplies

The Ministry of Commerce is making continuous efforts to ensure anti-COVID-19 medicines, equipment, and necessary medical supplies are being shipped from overseas, loosening restrictions to facilitate imports, in collaboration with relevant ministries and providing continuous import on a daily basis.
The Ministry is also reportedly making diplomatic arrangements with China, Thailand, Bangladesh and India to import the medicines and equipment from the border trade checkpoints.
The People’s Republic of China made an announcement on August 5, stating China is cooperating with Myanmar in facilitating the importation of medicines through border trade posts due to fault rumors spread by unscrupulous people to raise people’s concern for their political gain, and to manipulate the market.
Yesterday, a total of 5,874 oxygen concentrators were imported through the Yangon International Airport, while 38.47 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 5 tonnes of oxygen cylinders, 9,117 oxygen containers, 4 oxygen plants, 6,501 oxygen concentrators, 51,400 PPEs, 30 tonnes of gloves and 210 tonnes of masks were imported through Muse, Myawady, Chinshwehaw, Tachilek and Kawthoung border trade points.
A total of 269 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 52 tonnes of oxygen cylinders, 33,466 oxygen containers, 4 oxygen plants, 5 oxygen generators, 33,640 oxygen concentrators, 141,642 test kits, 195,022 PPEs, 38 tonnes of gloves and 448 masks have been imported thus far in August.
In July, a total of 1,294 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 114 tonnes of oxygen cylinder, 40,491 oxygen containers, 69,146 oxygen concentrators, 8 oxygen plants, 11 oxygen generators, 4 oxygen filling machines, 322,878 test kits, 1,104 tonnes of mask and 182,975 PPEs were imported.
In addition to the cooperation with relevant ministries, the Ministry of Commerce has posted contact persons and department announcements on the Ministry’s website,, to access direct contact with relevant authorities if assistance is needed. — MNA

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