Modern People Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Modern People Party General Secretary Daw Yee Yee San presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 13 September.

Greetings for all
I am General-Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Modern People Party, Daw Yee Yee San (Penname – Khin Win San). The Modern People Party was formed with a tradition of political experience. It was also formed from a students’ study group that studied modern political science and pointed out the modern scientific political economy that came about as the highest form of market economy and democracy (capitalism) after the mistake of global centralized socialism in 1980s and after 1980. We have done policy research for 30 years as well.
The party’s logo has three stars — small, medium and large – on a globe represent the party’s objectives for peace, democracy and freedom for all. The party has seven executive committee members, ten central committee members and 12 reserved central committee members. U Tun Aung Kyaw is the party Chairman and will be contesting in regional elections.

Guideline policy
Anthropologists say humans are the most intelligent beings in the world. Since the beginning of human history, they have progressed through quantity and quality through all sorts of calamities. Starting from a few numbers of people there are now over 8 billion people around the world, and we have progressed from the Stone Age to the modern electronic and information technology age. We will continue to move into the future. Democracy is not the conclusion of history. We will go from capitalism to a modern scientific socialist system gradually.

To reach the age of universal freedom, we believe that capitalism has to be fully developed. The 21st Century is an age of education, and political education has become a decisive factor. The Modern People Party has four education politic guidelines:
1. To rely on science rather than on faith, on sensibility rather than on sensitivity;
2. To rely on reason and enlightenment rather than on personal prejudice and subjective thinking;
3. To rely on sober philosophy rather than intoxicated speculation and the cult of personality – the cult of the individual;
4. Ignorance is less remote from the truth than personal prejudice and subjective thinking.

Policy and work programmes.
We will implement a multiparty democratic system that ensures people’s political freedom and freedom to create their own destiny. We practice the four truths that centred on the public.
They are:
(1) Nothing can be achieved without the people;
(2) Nothing can be achieved without public elections;
(3) The people should be allowed to choose the policy that benefits them;
(4) Otherwise the people will choose their own path.
We will implement First Past the Post System and Proportional Representation System. We will also amend the Constitution to benefit the nation and its people.

We will employ an open-door market economy system that guarantees public economic development. We will allow for free production and competition. The people need to have high intelligence since democracy is made on the decision of the masses, and this can be achieved with public economy developed, which is why we will work for the emergence of ethnic entrepreneurs for private sector development.

The Defence Services must be modern and capable as they give their lives for national freedom, sovereignty, solidarity, and protecting the people and their homes.

Ethnic people
Narrow-minded nationalism will be removed, and a democratic federal union will be established that guarantees equal opportunities for all ethnic groups. We will take it as our national duty to ensure freedom, solidarity, and the chance to create our destiny.

National reconciliation and internal peace
Modern People Party will set out to do work in a peaceful manner. We do not accept the thinking of resorting to violence if there is no alternative. We will honestly point out the accountability of both sides of a foreign or domestic armed conflict. We will work hard to end the conflict and instil peace. Death cannot be avoided in war, and while disputes happen for various reasons, there is never a good war.
Myanmar has one of the longest-running civil war that has caused large numbers of deaths on both sides and destruction to the people caught in the crossfire. It also destroyed the nation’s economy and source of revenue. We will take this painful historical lesson and work hard for national reconciliation, nationwide ceasefire, lasting peace, and solving political issues through political means.

People are allowed to practice their faith of choice and proliferate it. We will not allow religion and politics to be intertwined.

Foreign affairs
We will practice a free foreign affairs policy and cooperate with the United Nations for international development.

Gender equality
Democracy cannot be achieved without gender equality, nor will it flourish. Modern People Party will free women from the three burdens, improve women abilities and capacity, eliminate gender discrimination as described in CEDAW, and for equal inclusiveness for women in the three branches of government.

We will practice an education system that develops human resources and allow private entities to participate freely. Youths are the future, so we will set policies that build their human resource.

The State must take responsibility for public healthcare. Modern pharmaceutical production and medical research will be supported. Private businesses will be allowed to participate as well freely.

Myanmar is attempting to establish a democratic nation and 70% of its population are farmers that require development. We will practice a free land system that is devoid of absolute landlordism and constitutional landlordism. We will study the strengths and weaknesses of the land systems from the times of kings to colonialism, post-independence, Myanmar socialist party age, post-1988 military regime administration and the multiparty democratic system to erase poverty, development, establishing industrial agriculture through our party’s 11 land policies.

Employers and employees are the driving force of society. There will be no employees without employers and no employers without employees. That is why the conflict of interest that arises from the two need to be resolved peacefully. Some right-wing people think capitalists are taking unfair advantage on the working class. Big companies are not able to take the unfair advantage over employees because a businessperson can cast one vote while a group of employees are lots of voices that can create State Power. State Power is administrative and legal ratification authority. Development of the working class and improving their livelihood is the cause of our party. We will create free labour unions.

In conclusion, the truth decides everything. Having a valid policy does not automatically mean success. The Modern People Party views criticism as a method to cleanse impurities such s weaknesses and shortcomings. Self-criticism is valuable for improvement. Improving leadership skills require discipline, rationalism, experience, vigilance, integrity, honesty, and pursuing the interest of the majority as secure as the longyi you wear.
Fear of challenges will hinder improvement, and people who yearn for gain should not fear challenges or any pain. These are the maxims that our party holds on to, and we pledge to achieve this historical duty.
We wish physical and mental well-being for esteemed people.

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