MoE holds int’l Holocaust Remembrance Day online

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Union Minister Dr Myo Thein Gyi joins the online International Holocaust Remembrance Day, on 27 January . Photo : MNA

Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Israel Embassy and the United Nations, held the International Holocaust Remembrance Day to pay tribute to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust yesterday afternoon via the online system.
The UN General Assembly decided to hold an International Holocaust Remembrance Day for the victims of the Holocaust in November 2005, and the theme for 2021 is “Facing the Aftermath: Recovery and Reconstitution after the Holocaust”.
At the ceremony, Union Minister for Education Dr Myo Thein Gyi, on behalf of the Ministry, expressed deep condolences for the victims of the Holocaust. He said a total of 6 million Jews and other races were killed by Nazis during World War II and the experience has shown that it is important to instil in students a sense of purpose in order to prevent the tragedy of the Nazis genocide and to prevent it from happening again.
Union Minister said by sharing knowledge about the Holocaust with young people and educating them, they will better understand the history of the past and will become more aware of the racial discrimination and fearful propaganda incited by false news and hate speech. He added that the need for understanding, mutual-respect and love between different races and ethnicities, countries and religions and, to eradicate the racial discrimination with human rights and the spirit of global humanity is an immediate and long-term educational task.
Afterwards, United Nations Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator in Myanmar Mr Ola Almgren videotapes a message from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and the Israel Ambassador, the German Ambassador, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation and the UNICEF Resident Representative in Myanmar delivered the keynote addresses.
The Holocaust commemoration ceremonies have been held annually in Myanmar since 2010, and the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with Israel Embassy, has been holding the commemoration ceremonies at the Yangon University, Mandalay University, Dagon University and UN Information centre since 2012. This year, the Ministry also held the ceremony with a lecture on Holocaust for university students and teachers in accordance with the COVID-19 rules.—MNA (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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