MoE minister discusses early grade math, reading assessments

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Union Minister Dr Myo Thein Gyi participates in the virtual meeting on Early Grade Mathematics Assessment and Reading Assessment on 28 January 2021. Photo: MNA

Union Minister for Education Dr Myo Thein Gyi participated in the virtual meeting over presenting the findings and ongoing work plans of Early Grade Mathematics Assessment and Reading Assessment (EGRA/EGMA) yesterday.
The Union Minister said all should participate in EGRA/EGMA to improve the reading, writing and mathematics skills of primary level children. Only such a move can be sure for the children to gain the chance for lifelong learning and 21st-century skills.
He also discussed the importance of EGRA/EGMA in improving the 21st-century skills in addition to science and basic computer skills, financial, culture and civics.
According to the annual result, the reading ability of children can be known, and there are also children who cannot even read, and so it is important to carry out the practical work plans for these children by conducting training regarding with the teaching methods or syllabus to the teachers.
He appreciated the efforts of headmasters/headmistress and teachers of primary schools, township education officers, district education officers, regions/states education officers and other officials of Basic Education Department, Education Research, Planning and Training Department, The World Bank, UNICEF and other partner organizations for participating in South East Asia Primary Learning Metrics-SEA PLM report and EGRA/EGMA report.
The Union Minister highlighted the need of plans not to occur school drops and to learn in poverty, and cooperation between teachers and parents for the children in their learning for reading, writing, mathematics, science, computer, financial, culture and civics.
Mr Saurav Dev Bhatta, Senior Economist and Education Team Leader of the World Bank briefed their assessment for EGRA/EGMA while other participants discussed the findings in EGRA/EGMA, Early Grade Teaching Manual, Early Grade Teaching Intervention and further work plans. — MNA (Translated by Khine Thazin Han)

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