MoEP to take measures for time-limited power supply in coming summer

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The picture shows a power distribution sub-station.

Union Minister for Electric Power U Thaung Han stated, at the coordination meeting on 27 November, that measures will be taken to distribute electricity on a rotational basis in the coming summer since electricity cannot be supplied round the clock.
The Union minister mentioned that there is a need to implement measures to distribute electricity so that everyone can have an electricity supply in turn. It is also necessary to carry out maintenance and repair works in advance to prevent power outages at the time when the power is being provided, he added.
In addition, the Union minister stressed that it is necessary to carry out the advance maintenance and upgrading works, including the power line cleaning, to reduce power loss and improve the stability of the power, and prepare the backup power line to supply the electricity if and when any line fault occurs.
Electricity production decreased in 2020-2021FY though the production was high from 2016-2017FY to 2019-2020FY. It was due to the factories being closed in the COVID-19 outbreak, the maintenance of generators in some hydroelectric power plants and the control of the water level of the dams, said the Central Statistical Organization quoting the Electric Power Planning Department. — TWA/GNLM

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