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MoH release COVID-19 rules to be followed in places where people gather

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Health and security staff perform health care services for the people under the health protocols of Ministry of Health. Photo : May Thanda (IPRD)

The Ministry of Health announced on 17 September 2022 the rules that must be followed by people in crowded areas due to the increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 in the country.
The Ministry of Health has issued a notification as it is necessary to pay particular attention to the prevention and control of infectious diseases, including the COVID-19 disease at nursing homes, orphanages, charity centres, welfare organizations, monastic schools and courses, hostels, athlete training camps and prisons where most crowded people live.
Therefore, people aged five and older living in the crowded areas must receive a full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and those aged 18 and older who have completed the six months’ vaccination period must receive an additional vaccine without missing a beat.
In addition, people must always wear a mask when they are with other people in a closed room, or if there are outside visitors in the room.
Similarly, hands should be properly washed with water, soap or alcohol (60 per cent) for 20 seconds.
Sudden sneezing and coughing must be covered with the elbow to secure the mouth and nose.
When eating, the Ministry of Health issued a notification to avoid group eating, face-to-face eating, and talking while eating as much as possible.
Also, if there is a person with suspected symptoms of COVID-19, the relevant duty staff must be immediately informed according to the statement.
Similarly, visitors who come to meet people who live in crowded areas must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and must also wear a mask during the visit.
Body temperature must be taken upon entering and exiting the building.
Similarly, if you are suffering from illness or other suspected symptoms of COVID-19 disease, the Ministry of Health has issued a notification that you must not visit, eat together, and avoid crowds.
The Ministry of Health has confirmed that people with suspected COVID-19 have been in close contact with laboratory-confirmed patients, and those with travel restrictions are being tested for COVID-19.
A total of 9,533 laboratory samples were examined and 234 new laboratory-confirmed patients were found from 8 pm of 17-9-2022 to 8 pm of 18-9-2022.
Therefore, it is reported that the percentage of infection detected on 18 September is 2.45 per cent.—TWA/GNLM

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