MoH warns about counterfeit Covid vaccines, urges online sellers to register

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People are seen getting vaccinated against COVID-19 under the programme of the Ministry of Health in May 2022.

The Ministry of Health has issued a public alert regarding the use of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines administered by certain clinics, which have been illegally imported online.
The notice highlighted that specific clinics and online platforms have been utilizing unlawfully imported vaccines, including Modera COVID-19 Bivalent Original and Omicron BA4/BA5 vaccines, as well as fake vaccines with Lot No AS7185B (Exp Date: 4 July 2023) and Lot No AS7144B (Exp Date: 12 May 2023). These instances were reported on Facebook pages. The public was urged to stay cautious and avoid such sources.
The Ministry of Health recommended receiving COVID-19 vaccinations solely through the official MoH programme available in states and regions.
The Department of Food and Drug Administration, advised individuals to exclusively use medicines bearing a Myanmar FDA Registration number. This practice ensures that the registration, manufacturing, and import of drugs adhere to established standards to ensure safety and quality.
Online entities involved in sales, were instructed to complete the registration process within six months, as per the Ministry of Commerce’s announcement on 21 July (Notification No 50/2023). The issuance of a registration certificate is expedited for complete document submissions during the online shop registration application. The Consumer Affairs Department emphasized that products like food, medicines, and cosmetics would be rejected from the online registration system without FDA approval.
Should any entity be found conducting online sales without a registration certificate six months post-notice publication, enforcement action would be taken under Section 5 of the Essential Supplies and Services Law. Offenders could face imprisonment for six months to three years and be fined up to K500,000. — TWA/CT

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