Mohnyin to enjoy communication service of Telenor

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Price of MPT SIM cards decline a half at the sale centres in Mohnyin, Kachin State, due to information of Telenor SIM cards to enter the communication market across the nation including Mohnyin in the early 2015.
The mobile phone shops sell low-priced handsets together with MPT SIM cards but these SIM cards are not accessible due to poor telecommunication facilities. Thus, the local mobile phone users hope for introduction of the Telenor SIM cards.
State Liaison officer Kayan national Maw Byar Myar Kay explained matters related to Telenor SIM cards. She said that the SIM cards will be available at the shops at K1500 per cards. It can give service at K25 per minute for local call. The SIM cards have been installed with Internet access. The cards can be inserted into any GSM handsets.
A tower of Telenor will be erected in Ywathitgon Ward in Mohnyin. On completion, Telenor SIM cards will be sold in Mohnyin in January 2015, said the ward administrator.—GNLM-001

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