MoHS confirms two Coronavirus cases

MoHS 1Following is the full-text of the news release on monitoring of COVID-19 (11:45 p.m., 23-3-2020) issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports.

1. A 36-year-old male Myanmar national with an American green card from Tiddim, Chin State, arrived in Myanmar on 13-3-2020. He developed high fever on 19-3-2020 and sought medical treatment at Population Services International. He was transferred to Tiddim Township General Hospital on 21-3-2020 and was quarantined in isolation. He did not exhibit symptoms of coughing or respiratory issues.
A lab specimen was obtained on 22-3-2020 and sent to the National Health Laboratory (Yangon) and the lab result on 23-2-2020 showed he has COVID-19.
Medical examination at 11 pm on 23-3-2020 reported that the patient was recovering and did not exhibit high fever or respiratory issues. He continued to be quarantined in isolation in Tiddim Township General Hospital.
2. A 26-year-old male Myanmar national from England landed in Yangon International Airport on 22-3-2020 and was quarantined at the Public Health Practical Training Center in Hlegu Township on the same day and later transferred to Dhammaduta Jetavana Tawya Cekinda Yama Monastery in Hmawby Township in the evening.
The patient had not exhibited symptoms of high fever or respiratory issues since landing in Myanmar. However, his lab result on 23-3-2020 showed that he has COVID-19.
He has been transferred to Waibargi Specialist Hospital in the evening of 23-3-2020 and is quarantined in isolation.
3. The National Health Laboratory (Yangon) conducted 4 different testing protocol on the lab specimens acquired from the aforementioned 2 patients for accurate results.
4. In line with the WHO’s regulations, their lab specimens will be sent to WHO’s designated laboratory on 24-3-2020 after approval.
5. Investigation is ongoing on history of people who have been in contact with these two patients and systematic quarantines and examinations will be performed.
(Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

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