MoHS holds meeting on experiences of coronavirus treatments

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Union Minister Dr Myint Htwe participates in the virtual meeting on experiences and findings about coronavirus treatments on 16 January 2021. Photo: MNA

Union Minister for Health and Sports Dr Myint Htwe organized a discussion with the medical professors, specialists and nurses for sharing experience and reviews in COVID-19 treatment activities via videoconferencing yesterday.
The Union Minister first highlighted the important role of the discussion for more than 700 medics across the nation, the nature of COVID-19 which damages the various organs of the body including lungs and long-term consequence of virus.
He also appreciated the efforts of the Rectors, Professors, Superintendents, doctors and nurses including the volunteers in the fight against the virus while the country saw a resurgence of COVID-19.
He stressed the discussions with the local and foreign experts for the medical subjects, management and communication to provide the medical supplies in time, plans to conduct contact tracing to reduce the numbers of COVID-19 patients and better medical treatment of experts.
The Union Minister also said he feels energized for the moves of the health experts as they exchange their views in COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment activities.
The infection rate currently declines in the country, and all should still need to follow the rules.
The health officials also delivered about 300 facts for health awareness, and the ministry conducted Mask and Face Shield Campaign and Stop COVID-19 Yellow Campaign.
He also stressed the need to follow the COVID-19 rules and to conduct health awareness plan between family members, friends and coworkers.
He urged the participants to coordinate the discussion openly so that the ministry can fulfil the needs as quickly as possible.
The Union Minister also said the country reports 2,926 death cases so far and more than 2,300 of healthcare workers of ministry tested positive for COVID-19 and 3 died among confirmed cases. It is a huge loss for the country and ministry.
He then highlighted the better treatment of hospitals as the required medical supplies and oxygen pipelines are installed at the hospitals and intensive care units by using the fund of government, cash contribution of donors, international loans and funds.
The Union Minister also discussed the SARS-CoV-2 virus which currently occurred in some world countries, efforts of ministry to put the returnees from foreign countries under 2-week quarantine by conducting health checks with RT PCR system for two times and plans to conduct Whole Genome Sequencing at the Medical Research Department.
The meeting discussed the holding of regular meetings and consultations by professors from various medical fields; the strengths and weaknesses of the COVID-19 treatment process according to the survey findings; suggestions for future planning for COVID-19 ward in hospitals, intensive care unit, medicines and medical equipment; recommendations for ambulance transport and treatment and patient placement and step-by-step pathways for COVID-19 patients; refresher training by central-level hospitals to township and station hospitals.
Afterwards, Professor Dr Moe Moe San discussed the suggestions and discussions from the meeting of specialists and experts from the Department of Tropical and Infectious Diseases and Hormone Medicine. She presented the recommendations for updating treatment guidelines in line with the latest findings and for the continuity of the training of health professionals.
The meeting also discussed the nurse training and the involvement of nursing trainees in health education activities; the donation of foods and necessary medical equipment by volunteers and donors; the requirement of data assistance to record the data of COVID-19 patients.
The Union Minister said the ministry would carry out human resource development and further training, particularly, in intensive care medicine and intensive care nursing with a new curriculum online.
He called for the immediate opening of new postgraduate courses in Virology, Immunology, research and health sciences. He also said the implementation of electronic records for medical records and the preparation accommodation for health care workers and medical students and trainees.—MNA (Translated by Khine Thazin Han and Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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