MoHS holds meeting with Yangon medical officials on COVID-19 control measures

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Union Minister Dr Myint Htwe and medical officials in Yangon Region discuss treatment of COVID-19 patients and quarantine measures via videoconference on 26 September 2020. Photo: MNA

Union Minister for Health and Sports Dr Myint Htwe held a virtual coordination meeting with superintendents, professors and officials in Yangon Region on treatments of COVID-19 patients and quarantine measures yesterday.
During the meeting, the Union Minister said that the purpose of the meeting is to know the resources required for COVID-19 treatment centres, hospitals and quarantine facilities and to share experiences.
The Union Minister urged the attendees to report about the matters needed to be fulfilled by the ministry, and to imitate the good works of other departments and hospitals and also said that the ministry is working with various plans to respond to the COVID-19 in real-time.
Medical specialists are making efforts to reduce COVID-19 death rate, and the role of medical superintendents is also very important, he added.
He further said that the rate of mortality will decline if the works on fulfilling and distributing COVID-19 medicines and medical supplies at hospitals, delegation, management and treatment of hospital staff and connections among relevant officials are improved.
He also urged the medical superintendents and medical specialists to openly discuss experiencing challenges and difficulties in making efforts for reducing death rate.
The rate of infection and death toll of COVID-19 are increasing even in developed countries.
He appreciated the healthcare workers, relevant departments and organizations and volunteers for making efforts by effectively using resources.
He also urged the medical officials to immediately decide and implement the difficult tasks on policies and strategies for hospitals in cooperation with Yangon Region Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19.
Medicines and medical supplies that are required at the hospitals in Yangon Region are fulfilled by reviewing the medical supplies management dashboard, therefore, medical superintendents need to update the medical supplies data of their hospitals at the dashboard.
He added that the ministry has discussed establishment of a better hospital logistics system with Myanmar Medical Association and hospital administration group.
Deputy Minister Dr Mya Lay Sein reported on distribution and storage of medicines and medical supplies, and the ordering of 200,000 sets of rapid antigen test kits for COVID-19.
Permanent Secretary Dr Thet Khaing Win detailed about referral pathway and treatment measures.
Director-General of Union Minister Office Dr Tha Tun Kyaw presented arrangements for accommodation of suspected COVID-19 patients in Yangon Region and regular virtual meetings of healthcare workers and medical professionals.
Director-General of Public Health and Medical Service Department Dr Soe Oo reported on fulfillment of requirement, human resources management, assigning of new nurses at the hospitals in Yangon, and coordinating efforts between central and region level officials and on-ground team members.
Rector of the University of Medicine (1) Professor Doctor Zaw Wai Soe presented the challenges and the matters of urgent need in quarantine centres, hospitals, COVID-19 treatment centres; and to use the wards in Yangon University of Nursing for the medical staff as they would risk to go back home after providing medical care to the COVID-19 patients.
The officials from relevant medical departments discussed the preparation of the wards in Yangon General Hospital to accommodate the COVID-19 patients, the lab testing conditions and the preparation of the guidance to use global health certification test kits, to designate a hospital for medical staff who are infected the COVID-19 disease, the discussion with Myanmar Medical Association to assign private general practitioners who want to involve in the treatment of COVID-19, the condition of providing medical care to those who are not COVID-19 patients and long term plans, the assignments to the management teams in quarantine centres, the conditions of the patient transfer from the quarantine centres , the condition of medical treatment and the sending lab tests from the Yangon General Hospital, the conditions in the North Okkalapa General Hospital and the assignment to the special nurses at the needed hospitals since the surgery cases are suspended.
The officials also gave suggestions at the meeting to set up the oxygen pipe line at the hospitals including the Yangon General Hospital which will be needed in the long run, to install beds at the extended special medical treatment centres and to assign the special nurses.
The hospital superintendents for Waibargi hospital, South Okkalapa hospital and COVID-19 treatment centre (Phaunggyi) presented the need to install portable X-ray system, portable ultrasound system and liquid oxygen.
The Union Minister decided to install portable X-ray system, portable ultrasound system and liquide oxygen pipe line immediately and urged all the officials from respective medical departments and hospital superintendents to continue the coordination meeting regularly; to present the necessary things from the meeting to the Ministry immediately and said that the Ministry also will fulfill the needs as fast as possible.
The Union Minister continued that the officials discuss to manage the suspected patients in the early morning every day through video conferencing; the Yangon COVID-19 committee discusses at 5 pm every day; at 10 pm every day, the officials discuss the management of the hospitals for COVID-19 patients and the central field team (3) is also trying to contain the spread of the virus.
The Union Minister concluded that it was very important to make decision in a timely manner in containing the COVID-19 disease; the fatal disease could be controlled soon by coordinating between the COVID-19 teams and deciding in a timely manner and to present only the policy issues and subsequent occurrences to the Central level.—MNA (Translated by Kyaw Zin Tun, Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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