MoHS: Physical fitness dances competition starts online

MoHS is organizing physical fitness dances virtual competition under the community sports programme from 11 November 2020 to 19 February 2021.  PHOTO: Thant Zin Win

To encourage physical activity for health and wellbeing in the community during the COVID-19 crisis, the physical fitness dances virtual competition under the community sporting programme, organized by the Ministry of Health and Sports, has taken place between 11 November 2020 and 19 February 2021.
The participants have to post 3-minute physical fitness dance video on the Facebook account, tagging the sports officer of the respective township. They need to share their posts on the Facebook Page <လှုပ်လှုပ်ရှားရှား-လူထုအားကစား-109943764187111/ held by the MoHS.
This mass sports event embraced virtual competition this year to encourage the people to engage in physical activity during the Stay at Home period. It will help to boost the immune system, maintain weight management, reduce health risks, strengthen bones and muscles and have mental and physical health benefits. It has nine fitness dance events which must coordinate the head, arms, legs and shoulders, with eight events following the dances steps of the coach and one free fitness dance event. The same videos of events are to be updated respectively. The physical activity will help you lower the risk of underlying medical conditions. That is the first-ever virtual event to promote public health.
The winners will receive K2 million for the first price, K1.7 million for the second price and K1.5 million for the third price, while 15 participants will get K1 million award each for consolation prizes, totalling K20.2 million. The MoHS headquarters will select the final winners. The competitors can learn the fitness dance steps through the video uploaded by the sports officers, said U Win Htet Mon, Deputy Director of the Department of Sports and Physical Education.
“Around 100 participants have joined fitness dance events 1 and 2 so far in Pyapon District. They will be awarded the first, second, third and consolidation prizes in district-level competition and will be selected. People are interested in this virtual competition. The sample video of fitness dance events will be further updated.
The district/township sports officer held sports talk show to encourage the residents to join the events. The ministry organized this competition to promote public health during the coronavirus crisis, said Daw Sandar Oo, Sports officer from Pyapon District. —Thant Zin Win (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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