MoI Deputy Minister inspects Loikaw Community Centre, meets staff

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Deputy Minister U Aung Hla Tun inspects the Community Center in Loikaw, Kayah State yesterday. Photo : District IPRD

Ministry of Information (MoI) Deputy Minister U Aung Hla Tun inspects works conducted at public based Community Centre setup in Kayah State, Loikaw District Office and met with staff from Kayah State Office, Loikaw District, Kayah State television retransmission station and ethnic television channel yesterday afternoon.
At the meeting attending staff submitted requirements and difficulties while the Deputy Minister coordinated and resolved the requirements and difficulties.
Next, the Deputy Minister addressed the meeting and spoke of the requirement to provide news to the public in a timely manner, staff to have information and knowledge in order to provide information and knowledge to the people, using libraries to gain information and knowledge, staff to read more and organize the people to read more, to have full knowledge about the library in order to provide library services, to have full knowledge of each book and each book cabinets in the library as only then can service be provided to the people.
In order to entertain and serve the people, staff themselves need to be happy and contented. Staff need to be happy where ever they are and must be able to work well with whoever they meet and the duty station is the staff’s place. Staff need to have this mindset and for their works to be successful they should connect with local CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) said the Deputy Minister.
Furthermore, the Deputy Minister remarked on working toward achieving success in Community Centre works; making library an active and eventful place; taking special care for security; keeping systematic, accurate and true records as support and evidence of works conducted; be happy, make your personnel happy and also have a happy family.
Afterwards, the Deputy Minister inspected the site where a new public based community centre will be constructed.— District IPRD
(Translated by Translated by Zaw Min)

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