MoI staff learns skills for gathering public opinion on state-run media

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U Khaing Win, Director of Sandhi Governance Institute, lectures to staff from the Ministry of Information during a training on proper methods to conduct surveys. 
photo: mna

Thirty-eight staff members from the Ministry of Information learnt how to conduct surveys to collect views and opinions from the public about public services provided by the State-run media.
During the training, held at the office of the News and Periodicals Enterprise on Theinbyu Road in Yangon, the staff learnt how to collect public opinions about the State-run broadcast, print and online media.
By conducting surveys, the ministry would better understand the opinions of members of the public from different types of people and from varied locations, while categorizing them in terms of age groups, locations, social standards, favorite sections of newspapers, as well as sections they do not like, as well as suggestions.
The training is meant to allow the media staff to put in place suggestions by the people, following completion of surveys.
In his opening address, the deputy director-general of the Information and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Information stressed the need to practice patience, diligence and farsightedness when conducting surveys, since they are research activities.
During the training, the staff learnt about systems used in surveys, as well as how to understand results from surveys.
Instructors delivered lectures on Governance in a Globalized World under the title, “The Development of Institutions and Reforms During a 40 Year Journey”.

(Translated by GNLM)

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