MoI UM warns against dangers of misinformation

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Union Minister for Information U Maung Maung Ohn presents fiction and non-fiction books to attendees.

Union Minister for Information U Maung Maung Ohn addressed the forum titled “State Building and the Role of State Media” at the Naypyitaw State Academy in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday. Government officials, faculty members, teachers, and students of the academy were among the attendees. The forum began with documentary videos namely “Preventing Media Poisoning” and “State Building and the Role of State Media”.
The Union minister emphasized the detrimental impact of misleading information circulated by malicious media outlets, labelling it as fake news designed to mislead the public. He warned against the dangers of misinformation, pointing out the biased and “toxic” nature of many news reports on social media platforms like Facebook.
He also highlighted the Information Ministry’s efforts to combat fake news and inform the citizens of accurate reports.
He expressed concerns over the terrorists’ disregard for essential infrastructure such as bridges and roads, which the government constructed nationwide, during the conflicts in Shan State (North).
He emphasized the plight of internally displaced people and noted that while the destruction was swift, the restoration efforts demanded significant time and resources. He highlighted the extensive damages inflicted, affecting not only local communities but also the State as a whole.
He conveyed his appreciation for the presence of students among the attendees and highlighted the Prime Minister’s commitment to prioritizing education. Encouraging the students, he urged them to dedicate themselves to education and the advancement of their nation. He stressed the importance of responsible media consumption, thoughtful contemplation of current circumstances, and the unequivocal condemnation of terrorism. — MNA/NT

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