MoI Union Minister makes inspections at MRTV

Union Minister for Information U Maung Maung Ohn enjoyed the practice session of the musical orchestra, the Personal Grooming Course and the filming of “Hatha Myo Taw Yal Sayar Sin Tin Hatha Takhan Yat Pya Zat” (Comedy City Play) at MRTV (Yangon) yesterday afternoon.
First, Director-General U Ye Naing of MRTV reported on the practice sessions of the musical troupe and completed works implemented under the instructions of the Union Minister at MRTV Studio B.
Then, the band leader presented the practices with international songs and future plans. Then, it played National Anthem and ASEAN Anthem and the staff sang songs.
The Union minister then highlighted the needs regarding the uniforms of the band, necessary practices to be more harmonious, and mood in performing and making introductions before playing or singing international songs.
He cordially greeted the band members and presented cash prizes.
He also inspected the Personal Grooming Course being conducted at MRTV and instructor Mr Crisminth explained the the matters related to the course.
He encouraged the trainees and presented souvenirs to the instructor and cash assistance to the staff.
The course intends to promote the individual characteristics and ways of presentations by news announcers, MCs and presenters. The course started yesterday and will end on 26 July. A total of 30 trainees are taking the course.
On arrival at Studio A, the Union minister enjoyed the filmmaking of Hatha Myo Taw Yal Saya Sin Tin Hatha Takhan Yat Pya Zat” (Comedy City Play) directed by Lushwintaw star Kaung Htet.
Then, the Union minister gave presents to Lushwintaw star Kaung Htet and comedians.
The MRTV broadcasts entertainment programmes for the enjoyment and relaxation of the public and Friday Night Live Show every Friday, and now Comedy City Play every Saturday. — MNA/KTZH

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