Mokkha elephant camp reopened in Minhla Township

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Visitors ride elephants at Mokkha Waterfall Elephant Camp.  
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Mokkha Waterfall Elephant Camp situated near Banbwegon Village, Minhla Township was reopened on 19 October and local and foreign visitors can visit it according to Mokkha Waterfall Elephant Camp official.
The camp was first opened on 4 January 2018 and from January to June a total of 24,874 visitors visited the camp. 7,494 visitors rode the elephants in the camp for site seeing tour of the surrounding area earning the camp revenues of Ks 35 million. The camp was temporarily closed during the raining season.
Visitors can observe 14 elephants from Myanmar Timber Enterprise kept there, watch the scenery by riding the elephants, join in the feeding and bathing of the elephants or simply relax, swim or dip into the water at the Mokkha Waterfall. Temporary shelters were built under the bamboo trees where visitors can relax and enjoy the natural foods provided there.
The Mokha Waterfall Elephant Camp is idle for families and friends to visit during holidays. An elephant ride is Ks 3,000 per person while the entrance fee is Ks 500 for locals. For foreign visitors an elephant ride is Ks 10,000 per person while the entrance fee is Ks 10,000. It is the same price charged since the camp was first opened in January said U Thet Swe Aung, a camp official. So far, there are 19 elephant camps across the country in operation with 3,089 Myanmar Timber Enterprise elephants. The camps were established to earn income, raise awareness for elephant conservation and to promote nature based tourism after the government halted extraction of timbers in the country.
There are over 6,578 elephants in Myanmar of which 3,078 were owned by Myanmar Timber Enterprise, more than 2,000 privately owned and over 1,500 in the wild.


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