Mon Unity Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Mon Unity Party Central Executive Committee Member Nai Kyaw Win in Mon Language and Yangon Region Joint Secretary Mi Kyaik Saw in Myanmar Language, presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 5 October.

Esteemed Mon ethnic people, Mon State and nationwide voters
I would like to send loving-kindness wishing all of you physical and mental wellbeing. I am Mi Kyaik Saw, Yangon Region Joint Secretary of Mon Unity Party. Our party will contest 65 constituencies in Mon State, Kayin State, Taninthayi Region, Bago Region and Yangon Region in the November 8 General Election.

Esteemed Mon ethnic people and voters

Our party’s political policies are:
1. To establish a Federal Democratic Union that guarantees equality and self-determination while ending internal conflicts and making peace.
2. To make efforts to enhance a robust multiparty democracy system and to establish a democratic nation endowed with Three Laws of the World – Justice, Liberty and Equality.
3. To promote multifaceted development across the entire Mon State and to participate in the all-round development process across the nation.
4. To build a society in which individuals can enjoy full rights of democracy while acknowledging the individual characteristics relating to each group of all national races.
5. To provide full human rights of all national races and independent social lives.
6. To ensure the rule of law while combatting corruption nationwide.
7. To fight against dictatorship, chauvinism and narrow-minded racialism.

Esteemed voters and citizens

Our action plans that will be implemented based on the above seven political policies are as follows:

1. We shall actively participate in the process of ending internal conflicts, building peace and national reconciliation by employing various ways and means.
2. We, together with all national races, shall fully participate in the process of democratic transition and its development of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
3. We shall make an effort to strengthen an ideology that will promote the welfare of all national races.

1. We shall make efforts to the emerging of the market economy while preventing monopoly.
2. We shall try to develop local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) while receiving investment and technical assistance domestically and abroad.
3. We shall promote regional economic development and shall create more job opportunities.
4. We shall make efforts to export high-quality products based on agriculture.
5. We shall design the right economic environment for emerging big multinational companies and for increasing domestic investment.
6. We shall try to make Mon State a significant hub for both domestic and international trading.

1. We shall implement a system in which all are literate.
2. We shall carry out a free and compulsory primary education system.
3. We shall encourage the standard private education system under the supervision of the Union Government.
4. We shall implement higher education and vocational education that can compete with international standards.
5. While implementing mother tongue-based education system, we shall try to combine with the central education system of the Union in the end.
6. We shall implement teaching a subject of related ethnic literature at the schools of respective ethnic regions. We shall also work on the sectors of agriculture, labour, culture, health, youth, women, foreign affairs and alliance.

Esteemed voters and citizens
We would like to urge you to vote for our Mon Unity Party because we are working under the afore-mentioned political policies and work programmes. We also acknowledge the rights of all national races, including not only Mon national races in Mon State but also other nationalities in all regions and states. Let me conclude this.
May all voters and citizens be free from dangers.
Let us march towards the Federal Democratic Union.

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