MoNREC designates Pale protected public forest in Saw Township

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An aerial view of the Pale protected public forest.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation has designated the area of 2,617 acres in Saw Township of Gangaw District, Magway Region as “Pale Protected Public Forest” as of 26 August 2022, under Notification No 132/2022 by exercising the authority conferred under Sub-section (c) of Section (6) of the Forest Law promulgated in 2018.
The Pale Protected Public Forest is formed to conserve the spring water sources used by nearby villages, fulfil the needs of local people and protect the grazing wildlife creatures.
There are many valuable trees such as ironwood, htaukkram and sal in the Pale Protected Public Forest.
The Pale Protected Public Forest is not only a place where various kinds of wood and valuable trees such as ironwood, htaukkram, sal, lamnea coromandelia, garuga pinnata, haldina and zoungpalway grow as well as a habitat for wild animals such as muntjacs, jungle cats and wild boars, including birds such as quail, francolinus pintadeanus, Phasianinae, dove and reptile animals like monitor lizards, agamid lizards and snakes. Thus, the area is declared a protected public forest area for the need to manage forest resources systematically.— MoNREC

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