MoNREC, MoEE ministers join Asia Clean Power Ministerial Roundtable

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Union Minister U Ohn Win participates in the Asia Clean Power Ministerial Roundtable on 4 December 2020. Photo: MNA

The UK government simultaneously hosted the 26th Session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Energy Transition Council meeting online in three groups including Africa regions, Asian countries and the countries with economic transitions on 4 December. Union Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation U Ohn Win and Union Minister for Electricity and Energy U Win Khaing joined the Asia Clean Power Ministerial Roundtable.
During the discussion, Union Minister U Ohn Win discussed the extension of National Grid for the development of renewable energy and to meet the country’s energy needs, infrastructure for the people living in rural areas, international aids to produce the clean energy with low carbon emission to mitigate the climate change, plans to increase the ratio of clean energy sources (renewable energy and clean gas) in producing power according to the 2014 National Electrification Project and power distribution via National Grid across the country and also via hydro, natural gas and diesel plants to off-grid areas.
The Union Minister also talked about the drafting of renewable and clean energy policies including renewable energy law and Energy Conservation Guidelines in Myanmar, plans to raise to 54 per cent for the use of renewable energy such as hydro, solar and wind energy in 2030 with the technical aids and funding from international countries according to the Paris Agreement, permission given to private sector for 29 solar plant projects in 2020, the increase of 14 per cent in the renewable energy sector after the completion of these projects and the efforts of the government to conduct capacity building sessions and fundraising. The Union Minister then asked the Energy Transition Council to keep supporting the private sectors, fund and investment sectors of Myanmar according to the climate change policy, green economy strategic framework and sustainable development plans. Currently, the country conducts the survey for the power system, upgrade of power grids including geothermal energy to use more renewable energy for the National Grid and so it needs some supports mainly in power generating programmes.
The Natural Environment and Energy Ministers, development partners, development bank officials and technical experts from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan, the Phillippines and Viet Nam including Myanmar joined the Energy Transition Council Meeting.—MNA (Translated by Khine Thazin Han)

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