Monsoon old Pawsan rice price increases by over Ks300,000

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Rice crop was harvested from paddies field.  Photo: Supplied

The price of monsoon old Pawsan rice has increased by over Ks300,000 this year in Shwebo, Sagaing Region compared to the same period of last year, according to local farmers.
The price of Shwebo Pawsan from Sagaing region has increased because the locals like to consume the taste of the Shwebo Pawsan more than other varieties, farmers said. According to rice depots in Wahdan Street market, a bag of Pawsan rice has been sold for bet ween Ks35,000 and Ks48,000 per bag, while Ehmata costs between Ks20,500 and Ks 23,500 per bag. The price of Nga Sein is between Ks20,500 and 23,500, while Moethuka was selling for between Ks24,000 and Ks 25,000 on 14 December.
In the Shwebo rice deports market, Pawsan is selling for between Ks40,000 and Ks45,000 per bag, while Ayeyar Min cost around Ks40,000 and Ngwe low-quality rice cost around Ks24,000 per bag.
Last year, the old monsoon paddy was selling for around Ks1.25 million in the Shwebo region. But this year, the monsoon paddy is selling for around Ks1.55 million, according to the rice market.
“One or two local farmers started to harvest the new monsoon paddy in Shwebo region, although some have not harvested their paddy yet. The new paddy costs around Ks1.2 million per 100 baskets depending on the quality of rice”, said U Tin Oo, a local farmer from Khin Oo Tonwship.



Yaung Ni Tin Win

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