Monywa bans temporary entry for tourists at Commodity Depot


Tourists are temporarily banned from entering Monywa Commodity Depot in the wake of Covid-19, according to an announcement released by Monywa Commodity Depot Information Committee on 17 March.
“A decision was made at the central executive meeting held on 15 March to keep the tourists from entering Monywa Commodity Depot for the meantime to prevent the infection by the disease. We will announce the permission period depending upon the government announcement. Although we do not stop the local traders at the depot, we are still monitoring them. So they need to inform the chairman or secretary of Monywa Commodity Depot,” said Chairman U Aye Kyine of the Monywa Commodity Depot.
“Some tourists visit to observe the commodity depot while some want to know about the market conditions. Some are related to the companies. Nearly 300 traders arrive at the depot every day. They used to arrive at 10 or 11 am and go back around 1:30 pm after finishing trading,” he added.
There are more than 500 traders in the Monywa Commodity Depot.
“We heard that some commodity depots are checking the temperature at their entrance gate, placing the soap for the traders to wash their hands. But the liquid soaps are difficult to buy. So, we can’t afford now but we plan to do so,” said U Aye Kyine.—Myo Win Tun (Monywa) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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