Monywa suspends operation of all ferry vessels


Monywa has suspended all ferry vessels operating along Chindwin River starting from 17 September, said an official from Sagaing Region Private Vessels Supervisory Committee. “The regional government has permitted the suspension of ferry vessels’ operation commencing from 16 September. We have already sold the tickets, and so, we have had to allow the ferry vessels to go this morning. Then, we will close their operations starting from this evening. We are going to issue the official order,” he added. There are a total of 10 motor vessels operating in Chindwin River in the upper region of Monywa town daily. However, the cargo vessels will be operated regularly.
The number of passengers has significantly dropped during COVID-19 period. Only a few passengers are travelling for cases of emergency like health issues. From 10 to 17 September, there have been 12 COVID-19 confirmed cases in Kalay, Myinmu, Kawlin, Myaung, Mawlaik, Indaw, Daze, Budalin, Ahyardaw and Dabayin townships in Sagaing Region.—Aye Maung (Translated by Hay Mar)

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