MoPF Union Minister proposes strategies for ensuring price stability


Deputy Prime Minister Union Minister for Planning and Finance U Win Shein, in his capacity as Chairman of the Union Price Stability Committee, presided over the 1/2023 committee meeting yesterday.
During the meeting, the Union minister highlighted the duties of the committee to stabilize the prices of basic foodstuffs, explore effective methods through collaborative efforts of respective committees, departmental and private organizations, and set suitable policies considering the local needs and production rate of each of the basic foodstuffs.
He also called for cooperation to find solutions to address rising fuel prices and transits that cause high transportation charges, inspect entry and exit of goods and price manipulation, supervise the destructive actions to price stability in accord with the law and make preparations in case of natural disaster.
He then urged the relevant committees and organizations to provide the farming and livestock sectors, support the manageable scale industry and work together with region/state departmental organizations to ensure price stability. — MNA/KTZH

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