More fire engines, lease grant and allowance in remote area were raised in the Amyothar Htuttaw

The Ministry of Home Affairs will purchase 62 fire engines under the union budget fund and 145 fire engines under the region and state budget fund, said Major General Aung Soe, the Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Home Affairs.
The explanation by the Deputy Minister on the 11th day of 4th regular section of 2nd Amyothar Htuttaw was in response to a question by U Aye Min Han, MP for constituency 1 in Mon State whether would be a plan to supply enough firefighters and fire engines to control fires and manage a fire prevention system across the country.
The Deputy Minister clarified the visions of the Fire Department for public services, rescues, and natural disaster preparedness.
The department under the Ministry of Home Affairs is coordinating with related departments and organisations to promote broader awareness on fire prevention, build the capacity of firemen to have more efficient in prevention, organise firemen to have enough resources in Regions and States, and supply more fire engines in line with procedures every fiscal year.
A question by U Pe Tin, MP for constituency 6 in Mon State, about land grants was answered by Deputy Minister Major General Aung Soe.
The deputy minister said that the Mon State government is highlighting the issue to release grants and has appointed a Mudon township official as territorial officer, and a land management and statistics officer as territorial supervisor since January 18, 2017. They will continue to oversee ownership documents for land.
The state government will continue its official procedures to enable to transform farmland to urban lands and a least grant can be applied for by showing the ownership documents to the township administration department after the land is transformed to urban land.
Under the programme by the Mon State government, applicants who have applied with form 105 and 106 for lease grants to the land management and statistics department will receive the lease grant under rules and regulation enacted in 1898.
Another question by U Min Naing, MP for Constituency 12 in Saging Region, asked about a plan to provide a living allowance to civil servants in the Naga Self-Administered Region.
The Deputy Minister said all civil servants serving in remote areas, including eight townships and 116 villages in the Naga Self-Administered Region, will be entitled to allowances  in accordance with the order issued on 16 February 2016 that defined 98 towns and 2,856 villages as remote areas at where civil servants are entitled to aliving allowance set by the government.—Myanmar News Agency

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