Morning festival

By Laura Htet
UDE EnglishmaxresdefaultIt is a morning of neither wind nor rain. The new born day is perfectly clear and fresh. Therefore, the kingly sun is predominantly bright at the crack of dawn. The early morning seems splendid with glittering sunshine.
Flocks of little birds are chirping in celebration of the glorious morning party with their songs of natural instinct. The sweet notes rendered by a band of a variety of birds provides a melodious music. Backed by richly arranged songs, the morning looks grand and magnificent. The sun’s rays glitteringly splash golden and silvery lights on the swaying leaves of banyan trees in the gentle breeze. Around the towering banyan tree, birds are having their life time, flying hither and thither. They are also flying, resting and rejoicing about the banyan tree. Their orchestral music is floating from around the old banyan tree, far and far away. It looks as if the young angel left her royal realm for the befitting morning festival in order to sing and dance with such melody.
We have passed numerous mornings which were gloomy and damp, mornings of rain, haze and chill, mornings of winter and summer mornings with some remaining dew. We have experienced several kinds of morning, varying from season to season. We have seen certain mornings peculiar to places we happened to be in. We have to overcome all mornings, such as pleasant mornings, dismaying mornings, dreadful mornings and peaceful mornings. Although we cannot enjoy the comfort of sunshine as well as birds’ songs, we should welcome every morning as the beginning of a newborn day, as a precious thing. With a goodwill that each morning would represent peace and splendor, may all of you sing the sweet, sweet song of love at every daybreak.

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