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Most Asian countries interested in recruiting Myanmar workers under MoU system

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MoU workers are seen at the Myanmar-Thai border.

The interest of most Asian countries to recruit Myanmar workers under the MoU system is increasing, according to employment agencies and people who are willing to work under the MoU system.
Currently, Thailand and the Republic of Korea have increased the recruitment of Myanmar workers under the MoU system, and an ASEAN nation, Brunei Darussalam, is offering jobs to the Ministry of Labour to recruit Myanmar workers in construction, hotels, and factories, according to employment agencies.
Under the ease of the Thai Labour Ministry, the costs which can be a burden on employers and workers in sending MoU workers were reduced on 1 May. A total of 214,013 demand letters have been received and 150,637 Myanmar nationals will be recruited.
Although there are Myanmar workers who are entering Thailand through the MoU system, there are also Myanmar nationals who have been arrested for entering the country illegally. Those people came from various parts of Myanmar and each of them paid THB 30,000 (K1.6 million) to the trafficking brokers.
“I heard that the total cost of getting a job in a cable factory is K950,000 and it can be applied by paying the half of it in debt; K450,000 after the interview and the rest will be cut from the salary for five months; They said I could make THB400 per day, including the overtime;” said Ko Aung Myo Htwe, a job seeker from Magway Region.
It is also reported that discussions are underway to send Myanmar workers to be recruited in construction sites in Brunei Darussalam, according to the Myanmar overseas employment agencies. Most Myanmar workers are working in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand under the MoU system. Those who are going to work in foreign countries are required to apply for the Overseas Worker Identification Card-OWIC through an overseas employment agency or individually as workers in foreign countries.
As of 7 June, about 10,000 MoU workers have arrived in Thailand within a month. — TWA/GNLM

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