MoST, business owners & experts collaborate in building well-designed gasifiers

Ministry of Science and Technology plans to cooperate with business owners and experts to build well-designed gasifiers that consume paddy husk as fuel, according to the ministry.
The gasifier brings an enormous contribution to tackling energy demands and reducing adverse effects of climate change and that prompted the ministry to build well-designed gasifiers throughout the country in cooperation with the MSME business owners and well-experienced experts.
Gasifiers are currently used in large-capacity rice mills and other industries located in regions where the national grid is not yet installed or electricity demand in the region is not yet sufficiently supplied.
Official data reveals 412 privately owned gasifiers, of which 13 in the Yangon Region, 78 in the Sagaing Region, 16 in the Bago Region, two in the Mandalay Region and 303 in the Ayeyawady Region are registered with the government.
Among the registered businesses, 319 gasifiers are used in rice mills and 21 machines are utilized in electricity generation. — ASH/TH

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