Most crops fetch high prices

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Myanmar is an agricultural country with 17 million acres of monsoon and summer rice, about 10 million acres of beans and pulses, over seven million acres of edible oil crops and 1.49 million acres of corn.
During this year, fuel and agrochemicals such as peanut oil and insecticide prices are high and crops fetch proper prices bringing benefits to the farmers.
In the local agriculture sector, the reference price of 2021 monsoon raw rice was K520,000 per 100 baskets and the rice was sold higher than that amount in monsoon and summer rice seasons. Around September 2021 in the monsoon rice season, the monsoon paddy price was set at about K600,000 per 100 baskets and about K700,000 per 100 baskets of summer paddy in March 2022 in the new summer paddy season.
In the 2022 early monsoon, the unfinished rice price was about K30,000 per bag while the broken rice was K30,000 per bag. The prices were higher compared to the same period of last year. When the government makes effort to promote the rice export volume, the foreign rice prices and exchange rates are high and so the farmers will face high prices in the monsoon paddy season of 2022.
The Pawsan rice price was about K1 million per 100 baskets in 2021. The finished Shwebo Pawsan was about K55,000 per bag in the countryside and the rice was priced at over K1.5 million.
The prices of black gram and pigeon pea were about K1.5 million per tonne recently and they were higher than the prices of 2020/2021.  It is about K70,000 per tonne of sesame and K4,000 per tonne of peanut.
It is about K1,300 per viss of onion, K2,500 per viss of garlic and K1,500 per viss of potato and these commodity prices are also higher than the prices in 2021/2021.
About 70 per cent of over 50 million of the country’s population rely on the agriculture sector so farmers can reap good profits. —TWA/GNLM

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