MoTC DM inspects MR’s locomotive factories, carriage and wagon factory, concrete sleeper factory, railway stations, railway lines

Deputy Minister U Aung Myaing of the Ministry of Transport and Communications inspected Diesel Locomotive Factories (Ywahtaung), (Mandalay) and (PyinOoLwin) and Myitnge Carriage and Wagon Factory including Myitnge Concrete Sleeper Factory, construction of Myitnge Bridge, Mandalay Circular Railways, PyinOoLwin-Watwun railway section, railway stations and ShweOoDaung Library of Myanma Railways together with the officials concerned between 14 and 17 February.
During the inspection tours to Diesel Locomotive Factories (Ywahtaung), (Mandalay) and (PyinOoLwin), the Deputy Minister stressed the need to conduct regular checks for maintenance, step-by-step repair works to ensure the strength of locomotives, to produce quality spare parts at the factories to reduce locomotive spare-part procurement, plans and rehearsals to prevent fire outbreak in factories and to provide fire extinguishers systematically.
On arrival at Myitnge Carriage and Wagon Factory, he also gave instructions to accomplish the production of new carriages in time, to ensure the capacity and skills of staff, and strength of machinery and conduct systematic programmes for human resource development. He also inspected the construction site of the new Myitnge Bridge which is crucial for the Yangon-Mandalay railway section.
He then inspected the Mandalay circular railway by RBE train and discussed the plantation of trees along both sides of the railway line.
During the inspection of the PyinOoLwin-Watwun railway section, the Deputy Minister inspected the railway stations and station yards and instructed to conduct cleansing activities, place the sleepers systematically, use the quality stones, complete the upgrading of Zeepingyi-PyinOoLwin-Gokteik railway section in time and produce quality sleepers at Myitnge Concrete Sleeper Factory for the upgrading of Yangon-Mandalay railway section. — MNA/KTZH

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