MoTC to deactivate unregistered SIM cards from 1 July


The Directorate of Communications under the Ministry of Transport of Communications has issued a reminder on systematic re-registration of SIM with the personal information of holders not later than 30 June. The earlier announcement has been made on state-owned newspapers and its websites and social media on 23 February that the SIM card registration can be obtained through online services of respective operators or at the sale centres. According to the law, maximum two SIM cards have been allowed to each person, holding national identity card, citizen card, certified card, scrutiny card or passport (for foreigners). The extra SIM cards of these persons or unsystematically registered SIM cards have been banned from outgoing call, except to Call Centres, since 30 April. The DoC has also notified unregistered SIM cards will be totally deactivated as from 1 July. —GNLM

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