MoTC Union Minister inspects Dala, Dagon Port shipyards in Yangon Region

Union Minister for Transport and Communications Admiral Tin Aung San visited Dala and Dagon Port shipyards yesterday and inspected the operations.
The Union minister and officials arrived at the Dala Shipyard in the morning.
In the meeting hall of the shipyard, the engineer-in-chief explained the preparation of vessels, conditions of long-standing smelter workshop in Dala Shipyard that should be dismantled, conditions of blacksmith workshop, and decommissioning of coal warehouses in line with procedures, completion of roof of Dala Shipyard’s ancient building (diesel plant) and the paint, improvement of water flow around the dock and status of sewer repairs and sanitation.
Next, the Union minister urged officials to ensure that the passageways of the factory in Dala Shipyard, workshops, and circuits around the dock are always clean and tidy and to carry out regular maintenance and improve the current situation.
The Union minister also inspected the workflow.
Then, the Union minister and party arrived at the Department of Marine Administration on Theinphyu Street and met with the employees in the meeting hall of the DMA.
During the meeting, the Union minister said that the employees of the department should follow the law, rules and regulations according to their respective sectors, work hand in hand in the implementation of the tasks successfully, ensure transparency at all levels in operations, hold regular employee rallies and events, and follow COVID-19 precaution measures regarding the health of the employees, and instructed them to take strict actions according to the level of enforcement as per the SOPs set by the Ministry of Health.
Afterwards, the Union minister and party in the afternoon arrived at the Dagon Seikkan shipyard, the shipyard factories, and workshops and in Dagon Myothit (Seikkan) Township and inspected the vessels being prepared for loading, Oxygen production and distribution of the newly built liquid oxygen plant. He also toured and inspected the safety measures.
The Union minister exhorted responsible personnel to build and repair as per the Yard Standard and to make efforts to stand as an economically cost-effective shipyard. — MNA

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