Motion on new MraukU town project in Rakhine State Hluttaw

One of the archaeological sites of MraukU filled with ancient history.  Photo: MNA

A motion by State Hluttaw representative U Tun Tha Sein of MraukU township constituency 2 to implement a new MraukU town project was submitted to Rakhine State Hluttaw meeting on 28 June and as there was no objection, the motion will be discussed it is learnt.
“MraukU is an ancient town where archaeology research value and regional development meet head on. Height of a building in MraukU could not be higher than 30 ft and digging deeper than 2 ft is not allowed. Concrete roads could not be laid in MraukU as it is an archaeology research zone. When MraukU become a world heritage area it needs to be preserved and protected for national interest as well as for the entire world’s interest. On the other hand, there is a need for MraukU town development and therefore the motion to implement a new MraukU town project was submitted” said U Tun Tha Sein.
One of the advisors to the state government Daw Khin Than said about 20 years ago Htammaritz new town was planned outside of MraukU but only government offices, staff houses and hospitals were built there. Infrastructures like water and electricity were not available for the people at that place and therefore she is supporting this motion for a new MraukU town.
About 2,700 acres currently proposed is northwest of Htammaritz ward directly connected to MraukU and if compensation are paid to farmlands according to land record act there’ll be a new town and the people will also be satisfied if it is according to the law added
U Tun Tha Sein.
State hluttaw representatives who want to discuss the motion are invited to register until 30 June and the Rakhine State Hluttaw is adjourned the entire week it is learnt.

Land being cleared for the new MraukU town project.  Photo: MNA

U Nyein Lwin, director of MraukU sub-branch, Department of Archaeology and National Museum said if a new MraukU town project is implemented it will resolve the matter of squatters living in MraukU cultural area. It is an issue that is required to be included in the master plan for MraukU region to become UNESCO heritage site. Furthermore, the new MraukU town project will also be beneficial for people without proper place to live and therefore he welcomes the project said U Nyein Lwin.
Government is increasing the momentum to put MraukU in the UNESCO list and a draft nomination to include MraukU region in World Heritage list will be submitted in 2018 September and a final submission will have to be made by 31 January 2019.


May Thet Hnin


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