Motivation key for children to cultivate reading habit

  • Children’s Literature Festivals, including book sales and games, have been held in big cities across the country. The festivals aim at helping children enjoy by participating in events and games, read books and take part in literature circles, and inculcate the habit of doing things with other children.
    When children who are acquainted with books visit the festival, they will be exposed to many books and gain the habit of buying and reading books.
    Besides, children will get a chance to interact with each other rather than enjoying something at home or only with their siblings.
    Such festivals will inspire students to read, think and study more, and make good inventions for society and their surroundings, while nurturing young children and encouraging them to strive towards world peace and development.
    In today’s world, the skill of reading and comprehension is more important than it has ever been. So many opportunities are closed off for people who are not good readers.
    Without strong reading skills, many students will struggle with math, science, and other subjects, especially as they move to middle school. Too often, when teens drop out of high school, educators can trace their difficulties back to those early reading problems.
    Parents and teachers are urged to motivate children to read and build their vocabulary and language skills. It also helps to continue that shared experience after children begin to read on their own. It is one of the most important things parents and grandparents can do.
    The development of children not only needs the support of the government, but parents and grandparents also. Parents need to make their children spend time with books instead of mobile phones or digital and online games. Schools also need to encourage students to go to libraries. It is hoped that the children who come to the festivals will be inspired by what others display there.
    In this time, when we are using cutting-edge technology, parents need to take care that mindless entertainment and games are not overwhelming the minds of children. Under these circumstances, it will not be easy to persuade children to turn their attention to reading, but we urge parents to make concerted efforts for the development of their children’s future.
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