Motorboat carrying 228 Bengalis arrested about 38 miles northwest of Sittway

1 km
A motorboat carrying 228 Bengalis is apprehended by Myanmar Navy.

The Tatmadaw (Navy) is conducting day-to-day surveillance by warships to prevent illegal exploitation of natural resources, smuggling of drugs and goods, and trafficking of people in the territorial waters of Myanmar.
In such doing, a suspicious motorboat was found 38 miles northwest of Sittway and during the inspection, 228 Bengalis – 70 males, 125 females and 33 children) were arrested with five Myanmar nationals working onboard the boat named Wadi Tun (5), which is 59 feet and 1 inch-long, 14 feet and 9 inch-wide and 5 feet deep with a wooden hull.
They will be handed over to the Myanmar Police Force, Township Immigration Department and officials to proceed according to the procedures, it is reported. — MNA

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