Mounting Interest: Homegrown tourists eager to conquer Kachin State’s frosty peaks

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Adventurous travellers grapple to conquer snow-capped Kachin State peaks amidst a landscape of towering summits. Photo: AFP

Kachin State is gearing up for an influx of eager climbers, with a multitude of enquiries pouring in from domestic adventurers who are poised to take on the icy summits. A local tour guide, Ko San Naing Elia, has already solidified 40 bookings for the impending high season between September and December. Furthermore, international enthusiasts are also waiting in the wings, ready to tread the frost-laden trails, pending government authorization.
“I have already received and confirmed bookings from homegrown tourists for the high season of September and December. I also received inquiries from overseas tourists who are waiting for permission to visit the snow-capped mountains of Kachin State. If the government allows the tourists to visit there, I hope, many tourists will come to climb the mountains,” expressed Ko San Naing Elia in an exclusive statement to the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM). Among the numerous peaks dotting the Kachin State landscape, Mount Phonkanrazi stands as a beacon for climbers seeking thrilling ascents, while those with a penchant for adventurous undertakings opt for the challenge presented by Mount Khakaborazi.
However, ascending these frozen heights requires meticulous preparation and a keen focus on personal well-being. Travellers aspiring to conquer these frosty mountains must attend to their health requirements and diligently adhere to the guidance offered by local tour guides, ensuring a secure and enjoyable expedition. — TC/TH

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