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Signing the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement with a view to terminating civil armed conflicts is the important step forward in the effort to achieve internal peace. On 15 October 2015, 8 armed ethnic groups signed the NCA, thus the 15th of October this year marks the 2nd anniversary of the signing of the NCA. So, a fitting ceremony marking the 2nd anniversary of the signing of the NCA was held in Nay Pyi Taw.
In August 2016, one year after signing the NCA, the Union Peace Conference 21st Century Panglong was held. Afterwards, 4 months after convening the 2nd meeting of UPC 21st Century Panglong in May 2017, the ceremony marking the 2nd anniversary of signing of the NCA was celebrated.
After signing the NCA Myanmar is experiencing many challenges, but implementation of the facts included in the NCA is underway as laid down in the Political Road Map to solve political problems and armed conflicts peacefully, aiming at achieving Union Peace. During the 2-year-long peace process we have had progress, challenges and difficulties. NCA is of great importance for the peace process. Only if the nationwide ceasefire can be brought about, will the peace process be able to proceed. It has been noticed that the number of armed conflicts decreased after signing the NCA.
After the Second World War, many countries are facing unrest, rage and civil wars. In a period of time they managed to gain peace and civil wars ceased to exist, apart from Myanmar, our country.
Although seven decades has passed in our country, civil armed conflicts are still occurring in Myanmar. Hence, the peoples’ government is exerting its concerted efforts to make the peace process a big success.
Not only the people’s government but also the whole nation wants peace. The government is making efforts to gain peace, as are Tatmadaw, armed national ethnic groups, political parties, civil societies and people’s representatives. We are all implementing with unanimous consent for the sake of the Union.
As a matter of fact, political issues beget armed conflicts. Political splits before and after gaining our Independence still result in the vicious circle until now.
To sum it up, we deeply urge our people to take part with unity, strength and mutual trust in marching towards the emergence of a federal democratic republic.

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