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  • Over the last decade, millions of people around the globe began using the Internet as it slowly became a major form of mass communication. According to studies, every 5 seconds, 28 new users join Facebook, and 6 hours of videos and 300 photos are uploaded to the Web. The growth of the Internet has led to some positive results— we have quicker access to information, cooperation, and groups of likeminded people, and greater transparency and communications, among other things.
    The dominant age group was between 18 and 24, and they had things to say and upload round the clock. As with many things in the world, there are good and bad sides to social media. While many share positive words and helpful information online, there are those who spread rumors and hate speech as well.
    Addressing the people of Kyaunggon Township on 2 April, the State Counsellor said we are all allowed freedom of expression, but there are restrictions, since we cannot blindly say what comes to our head to, or about, another person. She said the restrictions don’t impinge on the people’s freedom, but are intended to safeguard social stability and peace. It was important that everyone understood this fully, she added.
    The State Counsellor also spoke about ethics to keep in mind while using social media. “Social media is a powerful tool and we must carefully navigate through the differing opinions, hate, anger, and criticism, which have no beneficial results for the people,” she said.
    “Just as social media is claiming a place in modern culture and becoming an important part of our lives, nations are becoming wary as to whether it also has a propensity to threaten national security. It seems social media is moving too fast for national security to catch up. Social media platforms can also be inhabited by liars, conmen, criminals, extremists, cynics, and terrorists, and we must be prepared to protect innocent people from being influenced by their radical thoughts,” she added.
    Regardless of all this, there’s no denying the influence of social media in people’s daily lives. Users have their own personal space online, and while they can express their individuality and beliefs freely, they can also see other people doing the same thing. We must work together to ensure that the freedom and integrity of people is not harmed or compromised, and thereby, safeguard social stability and peace.
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