MPA arranges for embarkation of ocean liners

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MV Top Fair cargo ship docks at jetty in Yangon River.

The Managing Director of Myanma Port Authority (MPA) under the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Master Attendant of the marine department have made proper arrangements for ocean liners which have 190 meters length overall or longer to enter the Yangon River.
International cargo ship owners use large ocean liners in order to be cost-effective and to minimise costs. Despite having many ports to load and unload at Yangon port along the Yangon River, super ocean liners are not allowed to embark at the river port because of the low level of draft as well as of narrow width of the river. Thus, cargo ships are allowed to embark only at the river ports if they have not more than 167 meters overall in length.
Cargo ships with an overall length of 200 meters, including ocean-going cargo ships, international tourist cruises, naval ships and container ships have to wait outside the transitional anchorage for docking at Thilawa Port for long periods of time. The cost of hiring cargo ships can be difficult because the ship’s owners are waiting to get a place at the port.
So, the Myanma Port Authority is finding a new route in the river and is also systematically dredging the river so that the cargo ships will be able to dock at the jetties in the Yangon River. The MPA is also doing what is necessary to safely dock MV Top Fair cargo ships at Thilawa Port and assign duties to the chief navigation a marine at the pilot station on 23 March.

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