MPs need to be ever vigilant in carrying out the duties of the Hluttaw: Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker

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Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker U Win Myint met with Hluttaw Representatives at the meeting hall in Haka, Chin State to discuss law amendments, regional development, the peace process, and experiences of the Hluttaw.
The Speaker explained that the current trend towards democracy requires establishing a Federal Democratic Union Nation for freedom, equality and justice to prosper.
“Only when opportunities for democracy are opened up can rule of law be established for the citizens to have social and mental security in the country. For peace and stability to reign in the country, there needs to be enactment of laws, administration and judiciary. These three mandates cannot overrule each other but should instead be complementary”, the Speaker said.
Hluttaw representatives need to consider the restrictions and rules and regulations when submitting proposals and questions in the Hluttaw. They are put in place to prevent disruption of the nation and of the unity of the people and cannot include national level confidential cases, he said.
“In legislating laws, one must keep in mind the benefit of the people and the nation and constantly review existing laws in accord with the changing times so that a respectable and reliable legal system is developed.
“Kindness, compassion, forgiveness, compromise and trust are needed to build a democratic nation with the benefit of the citizens and future generations in mind. As the Hluttaw is the figurehead of democracy, Hluttaw representatives need to be ever vigilant in carrying out the duties of the Hluttaw and promoting the state to peace and rule of law to a better state than now.”
The Pyithu Hluttaw has been working to be inclusive of ethnic nationalities in both union and state level organisations.
“A system of checks and balances needs to be in place to prevent the aforementioned three mandates from overpowering or interfering with each other. To foster development of each constituency, it is important to discuss with the government organisations concerned to avoid conflict with the constitution” he said.
Afterwards, Hluttaw representatives reported on regional developments and the Region Hluttaw’s work, and then raised questions to which the Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker replied.
In attendance were Chief Minister of Chin State U Salai Lian Lwel, Chin State Hluttaw Speaker U Zoe Bwe, Deputy Speaker U Aung Than, Region Ministers, Pyithu, Amyotha and Region Hluttaw Representatives.
Later Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker U Win Myint inspected the site chosen for construction of Chin State Hluttaw Building in Haka’s Myothit Ward.
Afterwards the Speaker visited Zaythawantawya Abbey in Eainmettaw Thitsar Hill and made donations to the Deputy Abbot U Zalida and eight missionaries of the region.
Later the Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker visited the Baptist Church and spoke with its members. In the evening the Speaker inspected the area destroyed by Yone Mountain’s landslide in July 2015 and spoke with Chin State Development Committee Director U Talahare and Head of the Department of Irrigation and Water Utilization Management U Tin Aye to discuss on preventive measures in Yone mountain and Haka City with the Speaker filling in on necessary parts.

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