MPU eCommerce Pay added to online export/import licence payment system


The trade payment for online export/import licencing system (fully online) can be made through MPU eCommerce Pay, according to the Trade Department under the Ministry of Commerce.
To ensure the convenience of the trading businesses during coronavirus pandemic emergency period, the Trade Department launched online services for export/ import licences system (fully online) starting from 1 April. The trade-related payment was made with the MCB eCommerce pay of the Myanmar Citizens Bank previously.
Now, the MPU eCommerce Pay system has started to be used in all banks, connected with Myanmar Payment Union (MPU) on 8 May. So, the entrepreneurs can make their payments either via MCB ePayment system or MPU eCommerce Pay.
With the issuing of the export/import licences fully via online system starting from 1 April during the coronavirus infection emergency period, HS codes for 91 import items and 73 export items have been issued for the fully online system for the first time while 455 import items have been issued for the second time and 196 import items for the third time.
As per the fully online licencing system, items registered only under the HS code line are available. The applicants need to fill out the online application, and the invoice and approval from the related departments are required to be attached in pdf format.
Moreover, the necessary guidelines for the online systems have been uploaded onto the website so that the entrepreneurs can see their application status in time, according to the Trade Department. With the outbreak of coronavirus spreading around the world, the Trade Department under the Ministry of Commerce gives priority to the reduction of person-to-person contact and to mitigate the spread of viral infection.
Therefore, the Ministry, issuing the export/ import licence application, granted permission to the applicants and issued the permits through the online system starting from 1 April.
Under the new services, the entrepreneurs can conduct the process of licence application, make fees payment and receive licences through online as long as they have access to the internet connection. The Trade Department offers an online system for a total of 815 items including CMP garment and necessary import items such as pharmaceuticals and related items, hospital equipment, foodstuffs, fertilizers, palm oil, and oil products, milk and dairy products, electronic devices, fuel oil, lubricants, motorbikes and bicycles, agricultural products, lead, sugar, natural gas, and other products. Licence applications can be processed on The companies need to sign up membership, according to the Trade Department. In order to conduct Customs clearance, the electronic data will be sent to the Myanmar Automated Cargo Clearance System (MACCS) of the Customs Department.
(Translated by Hay Mar)

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