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MRF: Necessary arrangements have been prepared in advance regarding storm

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The rice depot (Wadan) of Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF).

Stockpiles of reserve food and rice and the necessary arrangements have been prepared in advance, the Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) notified.
Local and foreign meteorological organizations’ warnings regarding the possibility of the current low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal turning into a strong cyclone and the stockpiling of reserve food and rice for natural disaster preparations were issued on 7 May.
Those who work in the rice business should have to properly plan and organize the storage of their rice under shelters and in places that will be safe from natural disasters. Flooding at the bottom inside the warehouse, as water infiltration often occurs, the statement was issued that the floors of warehouses should be raised with the use of dunnage or pallet seats or other suitable ways in advance.
Rice millers and rice companies should help farmers as much as possible harvest and store summer paddy from areas where summer paddy has been harvested, is being harvested, or is yet to be harvested through coordination with local administrative bodies and the Department of Agriculture, especially in coastal areas. In order to make an early emergency response in the event of a natural disaster, the statement stressed the need to connect with the head office of the federation, related associations and brokerages if disaster hits.
As there is enough stockpiling of rice and paddy for self-sufficiency, the federation informed the people about purchasing rice with fear, urging the required volume of foods and materials. If they face difficulties to buy the goods with right quality at good prices, they can contact the federation, associated organizations, and depots. — TWA/CT

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