MSME manufacturing process based on agriculture and livestock farms must be operated to achieve success in local businesses: Senior General

MSME businesses are being encouraged to substitute import goods and increase the export volume, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at a meeting with businesspersons of micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (MSME) from Kachin State at the city hall in Myitkyina yesterday afternoon.

Individual discussions on requirements for the development of businesses
The Kachin State chief minister reported on the implementation of the Myitkyina economic development zone, manufacturing of industrial products, implementation of MSME businesses in Kachin State, aid for MSME businesses in the state, disbursement of loans by the government for the improvement of MSMEs, region-wise production, and undertaking of agriculture and livestock farms with the State economic promotion fund.
Local businesspersons reported on the difficulties of MSMEs in Kachin State, negotiation with relevant countries to reduce levying tax over the MSME export products, disbursement for loans with soft interest rates and needs for the development of local businesses.
U Zakhun Yein Sawng from Kachin Special Region 1 conveyed thanks expressed by local people to the government for the development of Chipwe and Panwa regions, improvement of transport facilities for quick development of socio-economic life of the region and other requirements.

Discussions of Union ministers in relevant sectors
Union ministers and deputy ministers explained the establishment of border region development schools to turn out human resources, arrangements for smooth transportation, fulfilment of relevant ministries for the development of MSMEs, allocation of the capital funds to regions and states and self-administration regions, disbursement of loans to MSMEs and needs to pay back the debts to the government. The state chief minister discussed plans underway to fulfil the needs of MSMEs in Kachin State.

Encouragement to MSMEs
In his speech, the Senior General said that more than 90 per cent of MSME businesses are being operated not only in developing countries like Myanmar but also in developed countries. Only when encouragement is given to domestic manufacturing business will the nation develop. It is necessary to encourage rural businesses called agriculture and livestock farms. If rural people develop their socioeconomic lives, the demand for rural businesses will increase. If so, money circulation will improve, and the State economy will develop. As such, MSME businesses are being encouraged to substitute imported goods and increase the export volume.

Requirement of electricity and fuel
The Senior General noted that although the country can generate some 40,000 megawatts of hydropower in the nation, these projects were halted for various reasons. It is necessary to efficiently utilize the resources to generate hydropower in Kachin State. To electrify people, electricity can be generated through solar power and wind power. On the other hand, the consumption of electricity must be saved.
The Senior General urged all to save fuel use as much as possible. All the people should use bicycles which do not need to use fuel with national spirit. Rail transportation must be emphasized for minimizing the use of fuel.

Encouragement to domestic businesses based on local products
If products can be manufactured at home sufficiently, prices of goods will decline. The Senior General urged all of Kachin State to manufacture products beneficial for the majority of the people rather than the individuals. MSME businesses can operate manufacturing of import substitute personal and consumer products. Kachin State can emphasize the manufacturing of rubber products and tyres as it possesses a lot of rubber farms. Moreover, wood and bamboo can be used in the production of paper. The government will provide necessary assistance for these businesses.
The Senior General pointed out that it is necessary to increase the per-acre yield of crops rather than expanding sown acreage. MSME manufacturing processes based on agriculture and livestock farms must be operated to achieve success in local businesses.

Emphasize turning out qualified human resources
The promotion of the education sector is to uplift the future of individuals and the country. Education promotion must be done for turning out human resources for the development undertakings of the nation. The government will give a helping hand to Kachin State for the development of MSME businesses.
The Senior General cordially greeted MSME businesspersons at the meeting. Then, the Senior General viewed round natural resource products, foodstuffs, consumer goods, industrial products, traditional products, clothes and traditional medicines displayed at the booths and asked about grasping market shares for these products. — MNA

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