MSWRR issues warnings on disaster preparedness in advance

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The image shows the evacuation of flood victims in Myitkyina on 30 June.

The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief, and Resettlement has issued warnings and advised on disaster preparedness for natural disasters commonly encountered during the rainy season, particularly in July and August each year, which include flash flooding, mountain collapses, landslides, besides regular floods, and river flooding.
The ministry issued the warning aiming to mitigate harm from hydrometeorological disasters and promote cooperation for disaster preparedness, as the country faced 144 floods nationwide in the 2023-2024 financial year, resulting in deaths of people and animals, as well as damage to 279 houses.
In the warning, the ministry advises people to check the structural integrity of their houses and the potential for disasters in their area, to designate an emergency relocation site and plan evacuation routes and family rendezvous points, to store water-sensitive items in dry, elevated locations, to monitor and record nearby alarming water levels, to gather drinking water ahead of time, and to keep visible signs of dangerous places in case of flooding in areas such as low-lying areas, valleys, and drainages. In addition, people are also advised to prepare emergency and life-saving equipment in advance.
The warning advises people, upon receiving a flood warning, to continuously listen to weather updates from the relevant government department, follow their advice, and share it with others; to be aware that heavy rain in upstream regions and mountainous areas can lead to flash floods downstream; to prepare emergency supplies including food and important documents; and to keep a contact list with names, ward or village, and phone numbers to use if family members are separated. It also encourages people to promptly inform and organize all family members to move to the designated safe location upon receiving instructions from the government.
The ministry also informs people that they can seek help from the ministry in case of natural disasters by contacting the 24-hour hotline at 067 3404666 or 067 3404777. — TWA/TH

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