Mung bean export still far short of target amid Covid-19


By Nyein Nyein

Myanmar has sought an extended deadline to April-end for exporting 250,000 tonnes of mung beans to India, yet the entire quota couldn’t be reached by the deadline in the Covid-19 crisis, said Secretary U Min Ko Oo of Myanmar Pulses, Beans, and Sesame Seeds Merchants Association.
India has earlier set the mung beans quota at 150,000 tonnes and increased the quota limit by a further 250,000 tons on 12 December last year, according to a trade notice issued by India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade.
The increased quota of 250,000 tonnes was previously set to reach India by 31 March 2020. And then, the deadline has been extended to 30 April.
However, Myanmar can export approximately 150,000 tonnes of mung beans amid the Covid-19 pandemic, he noted.
“At present, we still can’t estimate the exact export quantity of mung beans. However, the maximum export volume is around 150,000 tonnes”, he added.
Yangon Commodity Depot is not closed in the Covid-19 crisis. Nevertheless, the trading is not active, according to the association.
“As the Commodity Depot is concerned with the food security of the people, there is no plan to shutter them. However, they avoided gathering at the depot. Some practice social distancing by contacting through mobile phone. Some avoid person-to-person contact for their own sake”, he stressed.
India has recorded low mung beans yield due to erratic weather last year. Under the provincial government’s approval, more mung beans are being purchased beyond the previous quota limit, which has driven up its prices to above K1.3 million per tonne. The present price of mung beans is worth K895,000 per tonne.
Moreover, India’s Commerce Department has issued an announcement to import 400,000 tonnes of mung beans for the 2020-2021FY on 17 March 2020. Myanmar is the main supplier of mung beans to India. Concerning other types of beans, Myanmar has to compete against Australian and African markets, according to Myanmar Pulses, Beans and Sesame Seeds Merchants Association. (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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