Music show boosts morale of students in Maungtaw

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Music show organized by Yeikhita Swan Arr (National Spirit) philanthropic group held in Maungtaw. Photo: Han Lin Naing

The Yeikhita Swan Arr (National Spirit) philanthropic group organized a music show for teachers and students who were trapped for three days in Nanthartaung Monastery, Maungtaw Township, during the ARSA terrorist attacks on 25 August 2017.
The music show was done with the hope of boosting the morale of the teachers and students and was held in the Strand Hotel in Sittway City.
U Win Maung Maung, the Patron of Yeikhita Swn Arr, Shwe Latt Myar (Golden Hands), and WSKD Youth Philanthropic groups, presided over the show. He conferred honorary awards to the presiding Sayadaw of Nanthartung Monastery for “bravely giving protection to 400 students” and also to the presiding Sayadaw of Shwezedi Monastery for making sure the education of the displaced students would continue.
The Yeikhita Swan Arr (National Spirit) philanthropic group is composed of 21 separate philanthropic organizations and has donated over Ks100 million to the Maungtaw area since the 25 August attacks.
The group also has plans to donate items of clothing and food to the security forces stationed in Maungtaw.
The music show hosted actor Min Yarzar, actress Phoo San, both famous and up-and-coming singers from Rakhine.


Han Lin Naing

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