We ourselves must bring about our national interest

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  • Allegations and pressures put on Myanmar by Superpowers were made not only at the present time but also prior to Myanmar’s Independence from the British in 1948. To be exact, such incidents happened starting from the time when the British Imperialists began to settle down in Myanmar. At the time of strength and power, they were not above paying due respect by kneeling down at the courtesy call, bringing with them gifts of value to present. Contrariwise, at the time when the power of the Myanmar King was in decline, they came to treat the Myanmar King with impolite behaviors, alleging falsely and putting pressures. In this way, they finally invade and occupy our country. These are historically undeniable facts.
    Now present situations happening in the country are similar. Being repeatedly scourged by subversive elements, Myanmar does not regard such events to be strange any longer. Their baseless accusations are based on their national interests, hence we need to call them neo-colonialists.
    It is totally unacceptable for an international organization to make resolutions over the allegations from outsider countries based upon affairs happening in our country. On 7th June 1946 a Conservative Senator and a Labor Senator in the British Parliament made allegations against Bogyoke Aung San and People’s Comrades Forces [Pyithu Yebaw Tatphwe]. Concerning this, Bogyoke Aung San sent a telegram describing his objection, to Britain.
    In his telegram, Bogyoke definitely objected, “Senator’Garmen’s allegations that PCF is not a separate organization and the news that Bogyoke Aung San’s followers disrupted political meetings at border areas by threatening are completely wrong. The British authorities we invited to come and investigate events happening in Myanmar if they dared.”
    On 24th December the UNGA made a draft resolution on the motion put forward by OIC under the title, ‘situations on human rights in Myanmar.’ The resolution was voted against by Myanmar, Russia, China, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Vietnam, Belarus, Syria and Zimbabwe. The resolution called for full and unhindered humanitarian aid access and for Myanmar to grant full citizenship rights to Bengali returners. Though being a UN resolution on a country, it has no binding effect on Myanmar.
    They repeatedly made allegations and resolutions on Myanmar based on exaggerated and fabricated news concerning the occurrences which took place in Rakhine State. Whatever it is, Myanmar’s internal affairs must be solved in accordance with its rules and laws. But, being a UN member country Myanmar act in accordance with the UN charter and will fulfill its obligations as a member of the UN.
    Yet, the present UN resolution adopted under pressure of the OIC and its partners does not reflect the actual situations and laws of Myanmar. Accordingly, now that Myanmar is performing the needed tasks in Rakhine not only for the immediate tasks of resettlement and rehabilitation but also for long-term development, it is important for the international community to make their own decisions, without being pressured by the OIC. We know that the OIC has its own one-sided agenda for reasons best known to it.
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