We must safeguard peace and stability collectively

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • In strategic major areas including big cities, border towns, junction cities and coastal places, security measures are being carried out, for terrorist attacks not to emerge in any way. As care and alertness are essential for all of us to pay attention, we are all individually responsible to keep constant watch in our vicinities and immediate vicinities not to cause security breach. Simultaneously, we need to be careful for unnecessary events not to emerge on account of excessive worries and fears. Destructive elements can create riots and violence which can disturb peace and stability of the area by taking advantage over excessive worries and fears.
    According to Pyu History, we have noted that rumours caused panic among the people and destruction of the city. In this modern age when cutting-edge communications and digital technologies are developing day by day, rumours and false news are spreading across the world non-stop. Agitations, hate speech and words of instigation are being created by cunning groups, hence the need for us not to be easily deceived, with our wise judgment.
    The present time is of great importance for our country. It must be said that we are passing through an extremely important period, in every phase of peace building, national development, national reconciliation and national security. External forces desirous of hiding the cruelty and aggression of terrorists, who were indoctrinated with the spirit of religion and racialism stereotypes, are making conspiracies. Over these, we must take care of ourselves not to retort angrily. In other words, we need not dance to the accompaniment of tunes and music created by trick makers.
    Every individual who wants to live under the protection of rule of law must live in unity and mutual understanding, regardless of race and religion. It is necessary to divide a line between terrorists, terrorist groups and those who love to live in peace according to law. Authorities concerned are carrying out security measures with combined forces in villages, towns and regions, for rule of law, security and peace and stability. For unnecessary violence, riots and terrorist attacks not to emerge, people must cooperate with the government and security forces. At the same time, we need to avoid the tricks of destructive elements waiting to take advantage of our excessive fear and worries.
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