Mutual acceptance, tolerance and respect go a long way

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[dropcap font=”0″]T[/dropcap]here is no single nation across the world in which a single racial group lives. The world itself is a multiracial society. In other words, it is a multicultural society. Naturally opinions differ between one race and another. It is prudent to adapt to diversity and learn to cultivate mutual acceptance, mutual tolerance and mutual respect.
Myanmar has been a multicultural country for thousands of years, a factor that calls upon us to recognize different ethnic groups as family. Statistically, the country is home to over 135 national races following different faiths and having different cultures. Each of them possesses their own ethnic individuality, but they are all Myanmar people.
Myanmar belongs to all national races.
Given the existence of the ethnic diversity of Myanmar society, mutual acceptance and mutual tolerance are essential and should therefore be regarded as the best we can hope for. We need to have great prescience in maintaining that unity in diversity is not a dream as long as people from different origins, different religions and different cultures learn to respect each other’s religion and culture. Otherwise, we are sure to get
bogged down in a morass of hatred, prejudice and vengeance.
If we have to hate someone for holding opinions different from us, we are our own enemy number one. The point is that our minds keep swinging with time or age. For example, what we find interesting now may not be our favourite some time later. All in all, multiracialism works only when we all show, acceptance, tolerance, and respect for each other’s religion and ethnicity. Only then will peace prevail.

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