Mya Ceti stone inscriptions, Popa Lady , 37 Nat spirits attract tourists

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For the growing number of tourists visiting Myanmar, the most popular attractions include the Mya Ceti stone inscriptions in Bagan Archaeological Region, as well as the Popa Lady and 37 Nat spirits in Popa, according to tourist guide
Ko Thiha.
The Mya Ceti stone inscriptions are in four languages — Pyu, Myanmar, Mon and Pali — and provide an important connection to Bagan history. “We need to learn more about our history because tourists are very knowledgeable and interested in Myanmar history, and they have learnt the history before visiting Bagan” Ko Thiha said.
A recent visitor from the United States said he was “very interested in Myanmar history.”
“I have visited Bagan three times and the Mya Ceti Stone Inscriptions attract my attention most, because they are inscribed in four languages,” said US tourist Mr Robert.  “In Popa I visited the Nat shrine at the foot of the mountain.”
Foreign tourists visiting Bagan are most commonly from the United States, Germany, France, Australia, China, Japan and South Korea.
Min Htet Aung (Mdy Sub-printing House)

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